Jun 10, 2022
Sanitary napkin tips——Basic health information on sanitary napkins(2)

Sanitary napkin tips——Basic health information on sanitary napkins(2)

7. Do not buy sanitary napkins that have caused skin irritation or local discomfort in the past.

8. Choose sanitary napkins that are within their shelf life.

9. Try to use all the sanitary napkins at once after unpacking. If not, unpacked sanitary napkins should be placed in a clean environment. It is best to use a zip seal with multiple closures or a must seal in an airtight package or container.

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10. It is best to wash your hands before changing sanitary napkins. This is because the process of unsealing, opening, smoothing and taping sanitary napkins by hand can bring germs onto the sanitary napkin. Sanitary napkins are in direct contact with women's vulva skin, and menstruation is a period when women's resistance is low, and the opening of the cervix makes it easy for bacteria to travel backwards, which can increase the chances of gynaecological diseases if you are not careful.

11. Do not use sanitary napkins that are stored past their shelf life. Don't use sanitary napkins and pads that may have been contaminated, damp, toxic, bacterially infected ones should not be used again!

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12. Do not disinfect sanitary napkins incorrectly before use. Incorrect heating may cause deformation and denaturation of the material in the sanitary napkin, leading to New problems may arise. Improper heating may also lead to abnormal growth of microorganisms in sanitary napkins. Furthermore, the living environment is already

Microorganisms are already present in certain concentrations in the living environment, for example on clothing, furniture surfaces and toilet seats. As long as the microorganisms do not exceed the standard, they will not cause illness and as long as the sanitary napkins are of good quality, the concentration of microorganisms is within a safe range and there is no need to disinfect them yourself.

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