Jun 17, 2022
Sanitary napkin tips——Basic health information on sanitary napkins(3)

13. Sanitary napkins and sanitary pads should not be used all the time. Some women like to use sanitary pads every day, even when they are not They think that this will suck away vaginal secretions and will be healthier and more hygienic, but it is not. This is not true. If the area is closed too tightly, long-term moisture, humidity and heat, it is especially easy to breed sickness and glory, causing various health problems.

14. Wear cotton underwear during non-menstrual periods, change them every day, and ensure that you avoid wearing tight, non-breathable trousers during non-menstrual periods, and avoid sitting for long periods.

Soft cotton sanaitry napkin

15、If you use sanitary pads, don't forget to choose products with good breathability. Using tampons will not affect you in terms of clothing, and it is more convenient to move and exercise, so more European and American women use them.

16. Choose sanitary napkins with quality assurance, substandard products may have quality problems, the most common ones are microbial overload, additive overload, and substandard water absorption multiplier. Microbial overload will increase the risk of gynecological inflammation, additive overload may lead to allergies and insufficient water absorption multiplier may affect the quality of life and increase the occurrence of perineal eczema and inflammation. Therefore, you should try to choose products from reputable manufacturers in big stores, and check the hygiene license number, anti-counterfeit mark, and shelf life on the outer packaging carefully.

Ultra thin saniatry pad

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