Jun 21, 2022
Diaper sizes and stocking up

1. Size NB/S baby diaper is suitable for younger babies. The baby's skin is the most delicate during this period, so the choice should be based on the baby's comfort and the frequency of replacement should be slightly higher, around 8-10 times a day is better.

2. For M/L sizes baby diaper, babies generally weigh no more than 14kg and there is an overlap between the medium and large sizes, so mothers can slow down the replacement process a little. Nappies need to fit even better and be leak-proof, so mums should not be sloppy in their choice of size.

3. In size XL baby diaper, when the baby is basically walking, the nappy must not be too small, otherwise, it will strangle the skin on the tummy and thighs during exercise. This is why an extra-large nappy or pull-up is needed to allow for lots of movement.

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