Jun 29, 2022
The difference between day and night sanitary napkins

1, the length is different: night sanitary napkins generally have a length of 420mm, 338mm and so on, while the daily sanitary napkins generally have 245mm, 275mm and so on, so the night sanitary napkins are generally longer than the daily sanitary napkins.

2, use time is different: night sanitary napkins are generally used at night, can also be used when more menstruation, generally speaking the second and third day of the menstrual flow is more, use a longer night sanitary napkin can prevent leakage. Day sanitary napkins can be used during the day, or when menstruation is less frequent, because the amount of menstruation is less at this time, the day sanitary napkins can achieve a protective effect.

3, different design: night sanitary napkins in addition to the overall larger than the day sanitary napkins, in the design also take a longer and wider structure, and some brands of night sanitary napkins and three-dimensional protection layer to prevent side leakage, which is not the day sanitary napkins.

Sanitary napkins are mainly used during menstruation and are generally divided into two types: day and night, while pads are generally used during non-menstrual periods or before and after menstruation, mainly to prevent vaginal secretions from soiling underwear, to maintain the hygiene of the pubic area and to temporarily absorb small amounts of menstrual blood.

day use sanitary pads

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